Die Casting Department

Our factory can supply best die casting services, especially in aluminum alloy die casting and zinc alloy die casting. We not only has advanced mold manufacturing and die-casting equipment, but also equipped with various sophisticated testing equipment. We are a 20-year professional die-casting production and processing manufacturer. It mainly uses zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy products to mold and die. It is a high-quality enterprise that can provide one-stop service for subsequent production and processing, with polishing, electroplating, spraying, passivation Wait for the whole process of the process! Has a complete and scientific quality management system. With a professional technical team of 20 people with more than 15 years of experience and a quality management team of 20 people, Shenzhen Yuge Metal Products Co., Ltd. has been recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality.

With over 12 years of die casting mold design, development and manufacturing and cooperation with many famous companies, like GE, Boeing, Whirlpool, Harman/Kardon, Parker Hannifin, Bentley, Lotus Cars(UK), Range Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, BRP, Audi, Nissan, Honda from automotive, appliance, aerospace and casino & gaming industries. A complete and highly active project control system with effective communication in English had been developed, ensure good quality and the best lead time.

Our factory is a successful manufacturer which wanted to radically reduce the time it took to get injection-molded plastic prototype parts. our solution was to automate the traditional manufacturing process by developing complex software that communicated with a network of mills and presses. As a result, plastic and metal parts could be produced in a fraction of the time it had ever taken before.
Over the next decade, we would continue to expand our injection molding envelope, introduce quick-turn CNC machining, and open global facilities in Europe and Japan.

We are the one-stop manufacturer for all processes from mold design and manufacturing, die casting, CNC machining, polishing, electroplating and all other surface finishing with a reliable quality control system. We are aiming at supplying the best solutions for our customers if they want to customize the precision parts.

Our Honors

After years development, we have won lots of honors in this industry, we have become the lead membership of Guangdong Hardware Association. We have been certificated by ISO 9001 and Great Wall Quality Assurance, and got various patents for molds and tooling methods.